Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Party!

Grandpa hooks the pinata to a pulley, so every kid can reach

watch out, Grandpa WILL blast you with Silly String!

Every year, we have the wonderful tradition of spending "Easter Saturday" with Greg's family.
This year we had the shin dig at Gary and Sylvia's house. I'll bet Gary and Sylvia love having all their boys together, and all of their grandkids around (except Ashley, who's on a mission and was GREATLY missed!)(and Brayden! Where was Brayden?). We were also joined this year by Kim's sister Angie and her cute little girl Qiana. Bonus!

Each year the party consists of an egg hunt, pinata, Silly String fight, fishing, and bunny hop games. And LOTS of candy and LOTS of prizes and LOTS of cousins running around. It is WONDERFUL! We were freezing our buns off, but we stayed outside and had a proper Easter party anyway. :)

one of my favorite things about Greg's brothers are their smiles. I love how Aarons nose crinkles! I love how Jeff's whole face is happy.

by the end of the day, you're covered in confetti and silly string, but you don't care!

a swing full of cousins makes me happy :)


Kimmy said...

You guys always get the best pictures! What a fun day.

Angie said...

So glad we could be a part of the Wise Easter was sooooo fun!!!

Erica said...

Your pictures are fantastic! Love them! What a fun party! It will warm up sometime. It had better, anyway, because it was a chilly Easter!! ;o)

Nicole said...

Such a fun day with everybody! Love the pictures you guys get.....well at least most of them!