Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hairy, not Scary

This is my friend Jenn. We have known each other since we were about 5 years old... we lost touch for a while, but thanks to the glory of Face Book, we are reunited.

Jenn is a real estate agent, and a damn good one too. Know how I know? She NEVER takes no for an answer, and she is ALWAYS right. I hate that! Always right! Really!

So she calls me up one day and says, "I'm firing my hairdresser, and you are going to do my extensions." "WHAT?!?!?!" Yes. I was thrown into the fire with this one, but boy am I glad!

She previously had the bead-lock extensions, which use a little metal band to attatch tiny bits of hair to sections of your real hair. If I were to try to do this for her, it would involve a lot of hoo-ha, and tools, and extra CRAP. So this option was out. Then the mighty Jenn heard about Hotheads. We ordered. All you need is the hair, a comb, and a clip. I WAS IN! The instructional info I got said you could do a full head in 45 minutes. I thought, "yeah, right!" Once again, Me: WRONG. Jenn: RIGHT!

These are real hair extensions. They are tiny wefts that have tape-tabs on them. You apply one piece below a thin section of your real
hair, and one piece above the section, and press together to make a water-tight seal.

I have been out of the "real" salon loop for a bit, and the only experience I had with extensions was back in the late 90's. It took 2 of us to put the hair in, and we weaved a boondoggle-type braid. The hair was synthetic, and we'd melt the hair around the braid to create a knot. Synthetic. It was pretty, and it got the job done, but it required LOTS of extra maintenance. I can't tell you how many times we got calls with people saying, "I was getting a pizza out of the oven and half my hair melted off!" Oh what a pain.

It makes me love these extensions even more. Super easy, super fast. They do EXACTLY what they say they're going to do: blend, look and feel real, and STAY in without damaging your real hair.

So, in real life, Jenn has short hair. (see above pic). BUT in REAL LIFE, now she has long, beautiful golden locks.

A bit like Rapunzel, I think. Except Jenn wears shoes. But I will wager that her hair has magic powers.

See how happy it made her? :)
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Nicole said...

It looks great! Glad she is happy with it!

SSBenjamins said...

She looks AWESOME, you did a great job.. I'd say your a pro :)

Mama T. said...

Way cool! Let's try some on me and Michal! How much?

Al said...

Super cute! Nice work Piper!