Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hogle Zoo

Yesterday, we went to the Zoo! Memorial Day. It. Was. Snowing. Geez!!!

We decided to go to lunch, and see if the weather cleared a bit. Luckily, it did. So we got on our jackets and trucked around the zoo.

This was Harper's first time at the zoo, and you know what her favorite thing was? The animatronic dinosaurs. Go figure! Silly silly girl.

The good 'ol Hogle Zoo. It's exacty the same! I remember going there on field trips in elementary school, and even junior high.

A lot of the animals were indoors, because of the cold, but there were still lots of things to see. There are two baby lemurs, so cute! A baby elephant too!

And you just can't pass a fountain without putting a penny and a wish in!

Utah's Hogle Zoo. A definite classic! :)
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Erica said...

How fun! I love the zoo! We'll have to go sometime this summer again with you guys. Hopefully it won't be snowing by the time July rolls around. ;o)

Jenifer said...

post the pictures of us in Jr. High in the photo booth! I know you have them! hahahahahaha!

Megan said...

What a fun day, even if it was crap-tastic weather :).

Mandi said...

Brave lady. We had plans for the zoo that never materialized.

Nikki said...

What??? There is a new baby elephant? I want to go see!

Nicole said...

What a fun day out with the fam!