Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kindness Counts!

On Monday, we got to go to my great-niece Austyn's school and watch her get a Student of the Month Award!

Just barely in Kindergarten, and already recieving recognition!

They had a really cute ceremony, and Austyn got her certificate for "Being Caring".  

If you have ever been around this cute girl at all, you know that this sums her up!  She is always so sweet, and caring to everyone, especially her cousins!  She always thinks of others first.  She is happy when others are happy. She is a peace maker. (She is so much like her mamma Lacie!)

Everyone loves her so much!

She was a very gracious hostess, and showed us her school.  They had cookies for everyone afterward, and Austyn made sure everyone got one, and had a place to sit.  She was so cute to pose with everyone for pictures, and even took a minute to "introuduce" Harper to one of her friends.  Super sweet!  AND so CARING!

That's our Austie!!  We are so proud of her and we love her so VERY MUCH!!  Way to go, Lou-Lou!  XOXO
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