Friday, November 2, 2012

THE Costume!

Each year, toward the end of Summer, we start talking about Halloween! YES!  We love Halloween SO MUCH!  My kids are lucky enough to have an Aunt Stacy who can always make their costume dreams come true.  
She made a fuzzy lamb costume that both Cannon and Harper used for their first Halloween.  Once, Cannon was even Santa Claus!  Aunt Stacy pulled that one off for us too!

As Cannon gets older, he gets more "low key" with his costumes.  He is not one for a lot of face make up or masks.

I have a feeling that will not be the case for Harper!  Last year, she was Cinderella, and Aunt Stacy made the most beautiful hand beaded, sparkly dress!

This year, Harper decided she wanted to be "Marion Poppins" (one of her favorite shows!) 
I thought, "Okay, that can be simple.  A dark coat... a straw hat we can glue some flowers on... "  BUT NO.  "I want to be the Marion Poppins who sings Jolly Holiday in the chalk!"
Okay.  That isn't so easy.  For me.. For Stacy, no problemo! 

We went to JoAnn's together and picked out some lace and fabric.  We already had lots of red lace, and buttons and notions.  (benefits of craft hoarding!)

We found a pettiskirt online for CHEAP,
so we got that and sewed the lace around the bottom to match.  Same thing with the parasol.

Stacy was able to piece together the pattern for the dress with different patterns she already had.  She invented the cute little lace gloves.  She's the BEST!
  I found a hat on clearance at Target, and she turned it inside out and covered it with fabric.  Tricky!

It's also fun for us to spend the time together, sewing, and laughing, and swearing a bit when it won't work quite right. ;)

Harper LOVES riding the "Marion Go Round" at South Towne Mall.  I'm sure she's hoping that one of these times the horse will detatch, and she can win a horse race on it!

My mom and I took her there with her costume on, and I was able to get some great pictures.  Harper loved it, WaWa loved it, I loved it, and all the little old ladies at the mall loved it too! 
This has been such a fun costume this year!  Thank you, Aunt Stacy, for making all of our Halloween Dreams come true!!!
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Angie said...

One of the best costumes ever!!!

MooreInterest said...

Piper---you are one. lucky. girl! She is so adorable as Marion Poppins! Love it!

tren said...

So, so, cute! Harper is absolutely darling!!

Kim said...

Everything about this costume makes me so happy! She looks so beautiful in it. Nice job, ladies!

Erica said...

I think next year I want to be the fancy Mary Poppins! Maybe I can call up Stacy and see if she'll help make a dress for me, too. I'd wear it even if it wasn't Halloween! You and your sisters just ooze talent and cleverness!!