Friday, January 25, 2013

Eight Is Great!

Cannon's birthday was pretty much a four-day event this year!  It started on Friday, with his VIP day at school.  We love LOVE his teachers so much!  His Chinese teacher had all of the kids make him Birthday cards in Chinese.  His English teacher plays her guitar in class all the time, and she had Cannon's classmates sing to him, and they got to have a Q&A session after he did his VIP presentation.  Pretty cute!  We donated a book to the classroom in honor of his birthday.  His teacher had him sign it, and it will forever be a part of her collection, with his cute little name in it.
Then he came home for presents. SKYLANDER GIANTS!!! WOO! (I guess!)  Now I know why my parents were so NOT interested in Super Mario Bros!
Saturday, he had a little party at Boondocks with some friends.  Pizza, Cupcakes, Laser Tag, Video Games... CHECK!

Sunday we headed out for Zions and St. George.  Road trip!  A little sunshine goes a long way!  The kids were super excited to stay in a hotel, and swim.  It's the little things I guess!

Happy Birthday Cannon!  Here's to another wonderful year!

Thanks for being such a great kid, son, and big brother!
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Erica said...

Happy birthday, Cannon!! Eight IS great!! I love that he gave a book to his classroom for his birthday. What a great idea!