Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dear Dad,

 It's April 14,2013.  You've been gone for four years now.
Our family is growing.  THREE, (almost FOUR!) Great-Grandkids have arrived since you left.  You would absolutely LOVE all these kids!  The rest of us are just all getting old.  You'd love that too!
I remember when I found out I was pregnant with a boy.  I was terrified!  I called you BAWLING.  You said, "What the hell are you crying for?  Boys are COOL!    Jesus Key-rist!  I'll get your mother on the phone."  (you had no clue what do do with your daughters when they started crying!)
You were right.  Boys ARE cool!  You and Cannon loved each other sooo much.  He still talks about you.  He still remembers so much, even though he was so young when you passed away.  I am so happy for that.

Dad, it's been FOUR whole years since someone called me a "Nipple-Headed Idiot"!  Or relieved my stress by saying, "Big dildo-deal!"
It has also been four years since I heard, "You're beautiful as spacious skies" or "You're beauty-mous!"
I still think that gross smells can be described as "Sour Owl Shit", so that one stuck!
Dad, thanks for leaving me with your crazy sense of humor.  It has served me well!  I am totally inappropriate most of the time, I'm still a Buchanan!  Also, thanks for the wonderful cussing skills! 
 Dad, I'm so glad you got to meet Harper, aka "Harper Valley PTA" before you left.  It has been really fun telling her stories about what a crazy cat you were.  I also make sure to tell her you were "As cool as the other side of the pillow"!

Dad, I'm sorry we were out of town when you passed away.  I knew, when we were leaving and I asked you if you wanted me to bring you back a seashell, and you said, "No thanks.", that you would choose that time to pass.
Dad, I feel really guilty that I wasn't here.  But I know you did it for Cannon.  I'm glad his young mind contains memories of you as a fun, lively, spunky crazy grandpa.  Thank you for leaving him that gift.

We miss you Dad!  I hope you are hanging out with Granny Kate, and Grandpa, and your son.  I wonder if there are slot machines in Heaven?  Probably no beer, but I'm sure the family and friends, and the whole Paradise thing make up for that.  I wonder if you're allowed to cuss there?
Dear Dad,
We miss you.
We love you so much.
Every Day.
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the nayz said...

I must admit that he scared me a little when I would come down to play. I do remember him being quite the character and always seeing his worm box sitting out in the carport. I'm always thinking of you and I love seeing your family grow throuhg your blog.

Staci (Guymon) Nay

Erica said...

This post made me cry and laugh all at the same time! You have such a wonderful family. Love you!

Jenn Gray said...