Monday, May 6, 2013

Mandala Monday

Today is our first day of Cannon's off-track break, and we're already going stir crazy! 
It's turned out to be a chilly day, so being stuck inside didn't help.

I remembered seeing on Pinterest (YAY Pinterest!) that there were Mandala Coloring Pages available.  A Mandala is a circle, but it is far more than a basic shape.  The possibilities are endless!  I found a bunch of places online to print out coloring pages for the kids and I, and away we went. 
It got so quiet!  It got so pleasant!  ("Can you please pass me the blue pencil?", "Hey, that one you're coloring looks awesome!")

And you know what?  We all got calm.  Around and around we went, some of us creating patterns, some doing more "abstract" work.

Around and around.  It was almost like we were going through a tunnel, and we came out on the other side, a little more mellow, a lot more NICE.  And especially for the Mom, a LOT more patient!

The kids moved on, but I had remembered seeing this done on rocks with a Sharpie pen on Pinterest (YAY Pinterest!)

And since the Mom can ALWAYS afford to be more chill, I kept going.  Around and around again.

Maybe Mondays aren't so bad after all! ;)
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tren said...

Awesome coloring pages, and I LOVE the rocks!

Erica said...

Pinterest is THE BEST. I'm pretty sure it was invented just because Moms needed a springboard for ideas to keep everyone sane. Your projects look great! :o)