Wednesday, January 23, 2008

52 Blessings (a little late)

Well, our nasty flu bug has delayed this post, oh well! Sunday is the post day for 52 blessings, and it was also Cannon's 3rd birthday, so I thought it very fitting to do my post about my Peace Boy!
I can't believe he is already 3! We registered him for preschool! He keeps reminding me that he's 3 now!
Cannon is the best. He has always been such a good boy (mostly). He is good at everything he tries. I am amazed at his patience - he practices till he gets it right, whether it's a sport or a skill. He has recently mastered snapping and whistling! He always notices when I change the color of my toenails, or redecorate something. He loves his mom and his dad. He makes everyone around him happy, which he has been doing since he was born.
We are so lucky to have him in our lives. Happy Birthday Cannon!
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Lissa said...

He is a sweet boy! That is cute that he notices when you change your toe nail color. We love Cannon as well!

Nicole said...

Cannon is too funny! We love him so much! I love that he notices your toe nail color!!

Natalie said...

Piper - It's amazing to be the mother of a son, they're just the greatest little people. It's so fun for me to see you with your little man, not just because he's a cute little bum, but because it brings back memories of my "little" guy and also all the times you and Lori spent your weekend nights with us. :)

Enjoy the big Three. It was probably my favorite age. What he'll learn in the next two years will continue to blow you away. And before you know it he'll be checking out girls and stressing about Junior High like Xandre is.

Love you guys!