Sunday, January 13, 2008

CHALLENGE: 52 Blessings (51 for me, oh well!)

About 52 Blessings:Once a week post a photo of something you are most grateful for. This gives us a chance to reflect on the good things we have learned from or that have made us better in our everyday lives or things we just enjoy! I think everyone needs to be more grateful for what they have now days instead of always thinking about what we want! This is one of the things we can do to be more gracious people. It will be like a photo gratitude journal.I'm excited to express my gratitude on "paper" at least once a week. I can't wait to feel all of your joy as I read your blog entries. So, if you're in, let me know! I would love to swing by and read! I will start this Sunday and do it every Sunday this year
I got this idea on my friend Jenifer's blog. What a great idea, accentuate the positive!!
I am grateful for: My hands. They are all scarred up because they've been through everything, and they work hard. They do hair. They sew, crochet, tat, and scrapbook. They tuck my boy in at night, and pinch his bum. They type these words from my heart. They fit nicely into Greg's hands. They heal. They nails sometimes get painted and feel fancy. There is almost always haircolor staining them. They click that remote! They dial a number to call an old friend. I don't know what I'd do without them.
Now it's your turn! What are you thankful for this week?


Jenifer said...

What a great blessing. I totally take my hands for granted. Thank you for the reminder! You have such beautiful hands!

Lissa said...

You are so right, all too often we don't "accentuate the positive" in our lives. What a great one to start with - your hands are great! :)

Nicole said...

Good idea Piper! Love you!

angie said...

i'm thankful for your hands and by extension your arms because they give amazing hugs!