Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Birthdays!

Last week, after our flu bug left, we celebrated 2 more birthdays, Austyn's first birthday on the 24th and Papa Gary's on the 25th. Austyn cracked us all up when she dove into her cake! What a mess! It was wonderful!
Cannon and I went down to Orem on Sunday for dinner with Pink Wawa and Papa Gary, since we didn't celebrate on his b-day because Greg was sick! Cannon and I made cupcakes to take. It is always wonderful to be with Gary and Sylvia, we had a nice time.
Happy Birthday you two!


SammySam said...

She is such a cutie! I'm glad you are all feeling better. I love the birthdays that go on and on and on! They are the best ones!

SammySam said...

I am sammysam by the way (Jenifer) I didn't realize she was logged in!

Lissa said...

OMG! Look how big and adorable she is getting! Love the curls! Glad they both had great b-days!