Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Estelle

Sweet Estelle Getty passed away today, 3 days before her birthday. She has been ill with dimentia for a long time, so it's for the best.

She will always live on as Sophia from the Golden Girls, one of my very favorite shows. She's the only one I didn't have an autograph from, darn.

I began loving Golden Girls when I was little, I would sleep over at Granny Kate's house on Saturdays and we'd watch it, and she would explain the sex jokes for me! Yep, my grandma taught me what a slut was! HA!

Rest in peace, dear Estelle. Maybe she's having a good chuckle with Granny right now.


Nicole said...

Sad. My mom and I always watched the Golden Girls! It was the best show!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

so sad! loved golden girls! she will be missed! my thoughts are with you at this difficult time!

super love that your granny taught you the meaning of the jokes! that is awesome!

Jenifer said...

I thought of you when I saw the news. She was great, wasn't she?

angie said...

picture it. sicily 1955...

i loved how her character always started every story like that.

Em K DUB said...

Um I loved the Golden Girls! ANd for a long time it was such a guilty pleasure and then I found out other people loved that show as well and I wasn't in the closet anymore, Isn't it so funny that Estelle Getty was the youngest one out of all those ladies but played the oldest character!

Sad day but thank heaven for the series being available on DVD!