Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day

Our Utah State Holiday. More red, white, and blue. More yummy snacks. More fireworks. We love it! Plus Cannon and his cousins had big fun going super fast on the big wheel!
Cannon starts preschool soon, so I asked Benjamin and Levi to tell him a little about what it's about.... it all went pretty well at first, Ben was telling about story time, and fun things to play, but then he started warning Cannon about BULLIES! I over heard the word "victim"! So that plan didn't end up very well.
We meet with the teacher next week, hopefully Cannon will feel less nervous after that. Geez Ben!
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Erica said...

Love the picture with Cannon and the smokebomb! Jordan starts pre-K this year too and I haven't heard from his teacher yet...should I be worried?

Jenifer said...

ROFL!! "victim" Kids are getting too grown up for their own good! Glad the 24th was fun. That is the day we have the most homesickness:)

lindsay>boo said...

They started talking about bullies! What a crack-up! Looks like you had a fun Pioneer Day though.