Monday, September 7, 2009

The Living Planet Aquarium

This place has been here for years, but I hadn't gone. Probably because I was in denial that it took the place of the BEST craft store ever, Mac's. Oh well. Move on Piper!

Patti and Austyn invited Cannon and I to go. Austie said, "I want my very best FWIEND Cannon to go to the Aquarium!" She is so cute, and she and Cannon just adore each other.

Turns out, it was pretty cool! Lots to see, and any kid who loves Finding Nemo loves fish, right? Plus, petting the Sting Rays is very cool as well. I'm sure we will be back.

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Nikki said...

Holy smoly! That jellyfish picture is so cool! What a fun place. I went there once when Liv was little. She was more interested in running around than she was with all the fish. I'm sure she'd love it now.
I'm glad that the kids had fun!

Stacy said...

What a blast! I've never been there and I live 2 minutes away from it. Looks like a ton of fun! So glad the kids get to spend time together and make great memories!

Erica said...

Oooh, I agree - that jellyfish picture is awesome! We LOVE the aquarium...I need to go more often since I bought season passes! I have as much fun there as the kids do! :o)

Nicole said...

That place is pretty cool! Jeff and I took the kids a while ago and even our older kids enjoyed it. What great friend cousins - it's the best!