Monday, September 21, 2009


Yesterday Cannon and Greg went geode/topaz hunting and also found THIS:


Then Greg let Cannon do this:
OH LORDY!!! So, so glad that Harper and I stay home!

They also ran over a snake and saw a crazy lady on a side road. She had a flat but no jack. Also no shoes.
And she said she was driving from California to Salt Lake. And she said her phone had no more minutes. She wanted Greg to stay there!! NO WAY crazy lady. He called AAA for her when he got back to the road and got good reception. Maybe she needed AA too. Glad he got the heck out of there!
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chiefwiseguy said...

Cannon is doing something I would NEVER do !! He is amazing. Did they bring the spider home for the garden to eat bugs ? Hope they found lots of gems.

Erica said...

Oh good grief!! My skin is crawling! I don't even like to see spiders like that when they're on display with a big piece of glass separating me from them! Blech!!!

Jenifer said...

Holy Shiz! That thing is HUGE! Glad they weren't kidnapped by the crazy lady. Smart move!

Stacy said...

What a blast! I love those Wise Guys!

Stacy said...

I think we should write a song about the shoeless, no-jack lady on the side road waitin' for a Wise guy carrying a cell phone. Can't get no reception 'cause she's got no AAA. Wave the giant spider at her, Gregory, run away!
hee hee hee

Nicole said...

I hate those damn things with a passion! Cannon, you are the BRAVEST kid I know! So are you Greg thinking to help some wack job woman!! (j/k) It was just my mom out there!!!! (not!)