Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All Boy

Yes, my son is ALL boy. I hear from him all the time: "No more talking about love, Mom!"
And, "No more kisses!" and, recently, "have fun walking through my fart!"

He best gets to celebrate his boy-ness at my mom's house. Probably because she never says NO! I guess that's what Grandma's are for. They're always digging in the dirt or chopping something down or building forts, etc.
At the last sleep over, Cannon spotted a snake in the front lawn. YIPES!!!! But, it was only a little garden snake. BUT my mom is super paranoid, and everything creepy crawly at her house gets KILLED immediately!

So off went Wa Wa to get her shovel and chopped the poor thing in half. Then Cannon got in on the action too, because he was very excited to tell me he chopped off it's head. Gross.

Then my sister and her family came over with 50 white bass they had caught! So Cannon got to see those get gutted and
filleted. More super gross stuff that I am so so happy I wasn't there for!

Cannon hung out with Stacy while they were there and the put together a skeleton!
And THEN hung it in the playhouse to SCARE people!


I'm so glad Cannon will have these wonderful childhood memories, he sure has lots of adventures for a four-year-old!
(thanks, Stace, for snapping the pics!)
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Stacy said...

Hooray! We had such a blast! Brave boy Cannon is not afraid of anything. Notice his 'acting scared' face by the skeleton. Love that kid! Love you too!

Megan said...

He is sooo cute AND all boy. I love the differences in my girls and the boys... they continually make me laugh. Although I will shed one tear for the snake. Poor thing.

Kimmy said...

"Have fun walking through my fart"?? Seriously...he is a Wise!!

Erica said...

Your posts just make me LAUGH! I love Cannon - boys are just all about the grossness of everything and they love it. I'll never understand it myself, but hey, if it makes 'em happy, right? ;o)

Nicole said...

Cannon is a crack up! It is hard to believe that he is getting so grown up and brave! What a cool boy you have!

Vic and Al said...

He is hilarious! Bring him over to our house, all of the boys would have a blast! Do you come up this way much?