Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree(s)!

Well, just as we thought, Harper LOVES LOVES LOVES the Christmas Tree! Everytime she sees it, she points, puts her mouth into a little "oh" and squeals, "ooooooooooh!" Cannon loves it too. I keep catching him sneaking out of bed to look at it!
We've been lucky so far, Harper hasn't trashed the tree yet. Partly because there are no decorations on the very bottom, and partly because we put her walker away!

Cannon's cute handwriting! I love this! It's so sweet to me!

A kid's eye view of the tree....

One of my favorite decorations, this cute tree that my mother in law and her sisters helped me make a couple of years ago. EVERY single thing on this came from someone special, or represents something special.

We are in the full swing of the season over here!
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Stacy said...

I love it! So much fun to have cute little kids at Christmas! Beautiful tree! Beautiful kids! Beautiful family! Can't wait to see you!

Nicole said...

I LOVE Harper and Cannon getting so excited about the tree and decorations! There is nothing better than kids at Christmas time. What an awesome time in your lives.

Erica said...

Your tree(s) are gorgeous!! Love that picture from a kid's perspective! So my family has a tree made out of my grandma's costume jewelry just like yours...I love it (still need to meet Greg's crafty aunties, by the way!). And I love Cannon's handwriting. Little kid handwriting is the best. :o)

Jenifer said...

Pretty tree! Is it real? Lucky! Love the handwriting, make sure you save it!