Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Christmas...

We had a teeny tiny, brand-new baby. This year, she's everywhere! Crawling, teething, and soooo excited about the tree and Santa.

We had a HUGE blizzard on Christmas day. We almost got snowed in! This year, it looks like the snow came BEFORE. Much easier.

We had my dad with us. This year, he's gone, and a definite void will be felt. Who will be sassy and swearing on Christmas. Luckily, his blood runs in ALL of us. There will be enough sass, I'm sure.
We had laughs, love, family, and warmth. Luckily, some things NEVER change.
Merry Christmas Eve!
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Nicole said...

It is hard to imagine how much will change in one year. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas Eve with your family. Love you all!

Stacy said...

Great memories!!

Vic and Al said...

Time goes by so fast! We hope you guys have a great year filled with amazing fun memories!