Friday, December 25, 2009

Mi Familia...

Here's how we survived Christmas with out my dad: We acted like a bunch of idiots! Just what he would've wanted! We took some pics of us all together, because who knows when this will happen again~! Our tradition is to always do a "funny" pose. This was how it turned out this year. Notice, my husband's DISGUST. Whatever, Greg! You are soooo stuck with us!!

This is us. This is where I came from! Maybe this explains a little. Or a lot! Hope you all had a merry Christmas!
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Stacy said...

Ha! Ha! What a bunch of goofs! Oh, we're sooo real! Great time had by all!

Nicole said...

I LOVE this!! I really love Greg's serious face too!! What a fun family:D I can totally relate with your family - mine are very similar!