Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is Harper's "Bay" (blankie). She reminds us of a little character called Linus. Greg's Uncle Dave crocheted this for her when she was born, and it has been the one thing she has gravitated towards. (again, different than her brother! Cannon had these easy, very portable silkies that he was attatched to.)
If she's sad, she needs Bay. If she's happy, she wants to play with Bay. She MUST have Bay if we go anywhere in the car. She CANNOT sleep without Bay! She used to bite it, and her poop would be fuzzy. When she was little, and learning to crawl, she would attack it and go into a death roll like an alligator.
Oh she loves her Bay! And it shows!! I sneak while she's napping and wash it, but you can't really tell.
The comfort this article brings her is truly amazing. It can stop the saddest of tears. It can make the biggest owie feel so much better. It can fill up her heart when her daddy leaves for work, and she's not so sad.
She loves her companion, her Bay. And I'm sure it loves to be loved too!
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Jeff ~ Shaney said...

She is a doll Piper. My son had one of those blankets that he was attached to. Til my ex left it at the Circus. Talk about a week of trauma until he found a substitute for it. It was truly a Clown Show;)

tren said...

Naomi loves to have a blanket, and calls it a "bay", too. Fortunately, any "bay" will do. She's not particular in that regard. However, what she's really attached to is her belly button. She plays with it whenever she's tired and freaks out when I put footsie pajamas on her and she can't get it it. I don't know if she'll ever outgrow wanting to rub her belly button, but I can't take it away from her!

Erica said...

I love Harper's bay! What a treasure to have something so loved, especially when it is made by someone who loves her! It's beautiful. And too funny about the fuzzy poop! ;o)

Mama T. said...

I just love that little girl! She makes me happy! So cute!

Nikki said...

I love that it's called "bay". So sweet. And it cracks me up that she had fuzzy poop from it. Too funny!!