Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best Halloween EVER!

Oh what a wonderful night we had last night! We asked some family and friends to join us for Halloween. We ate chili and baked potatoes, then all the kids got ready to Trick or Treat.

Funny how many things Harper, Qiana, and Elsie have in common! They all dressed as Disney characters, and we didn't even plan it!! All the kids looked so wonderful in their costumes! And Cannon was such a great "big brother" to all the girls!

We lucked out in the weather area this year. It was warm, and nice. The kids didn't even need coats, and I was wearing flip flops!

Our neighborhood was busy! Lots of candy and Trick or Treaters, I loved it! And I heard lots of "Trick or Treat!", "Please!", "Thank You!", and "Happy Halloween"'s from the kids, and that made me happy too. They all got LOADS of candy, and came home with tired feet and sagging Trick or Treat bags. SCORE!

We came home, and let the kids decorate cookies, and watched the sugar rush happen. HAHA!

We all had a fabulous time, with grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends, how can you go wrong?

Happy Halloween!!!
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Kimmy said...

I loved the whole night! All the kiddos were so cute, and, yes, Cannon was an awesome "big brother" to everyone. Thanks for the fun!!

Nikki said...

The kids costumes look great!! I love the cookie decorating idea!

Mama T. said...

I LOVE it! Those kids are the cutest! And you are such a fun mom! Great memories made.