Sunday, November 6, 2011


On Friday, Cannon checked this book out from the library at school. He actually walked off the bus reading it, and read it as he walked home from school. Yes, he is a wonderful reader, yes, he LOVES books, but, I have never seen him THIS entranced by a book before!

I quickly discovered why he was so interested in it. It's a Star Wars book, and it's a comic book format. (Or, Graphic Novel, if you will)

Today is Sunday, and he has read it TEN TIMES. Really. I love it! So naturally, the Momma said, "Let's get some MORE!" I will always say YES to books. I will always say, YES, leave your light on and stay up late if you're reading!!!!

So, we went to Barnes & Noble, and they had 3, count them THREE books from the series!!! WAHOOOO!!!

They are so good, he couldn't even wait till we got home!!

Harper's book was so relaxing she fell asleep! ;)

So, was it worth it to stop and buy 3 books for my Cannon Boy? YES.

Is there anything better than curling up with a book and your favorite blanket on a cold day? NOPE. Nothing that I can think of!!!

Happy Reading, Cannon!!!
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Jenifer said...

A boy after my own heart! Nothing beats a good book!

Erica said...

I will never say no to a book, either! Although Jordan has been eyeing the Harry Potter series. I'm not saying no, just maybe not for a few more years. ;o) I think we'll stick to Star Wars for now, too. Cute Cannon!!

Mama T. said...

Way to go Cannon! Reading is so important. I'm so glad you enjoy it and are good at it!