Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Granny Kate's Cupboard: AFTER

It's finally finished!  And in Harper KATE's room.

It is so beautiful, and she plays with it every day.  I am so happy!  there are places high enough for special things, and low enough for her to play on.

I love the scalloped edges.  And I put a sampler that my great-grandma from my mother's side made on the top.  So there are Grandmas all over the place in Harper's room!

I love seeing her play in her room. Looking in her jewelry box for something to wear, and asking, "Would you like some tea?"  

And she knows exactly why it's special:  "Because it's really old, and it was Granny Kate's and I'M Harper Kate!  And because Jenn Gray helped paint it!"    She is a HUGE Jenn Gray fan! (me too!)
 It turned out perfectly!  I finally got the drill out yesterday, and put the doors on.  I used the original hinges and screws, but replaced the knobs.

Granny Kate has been gone for nine years now, but it sure is wonderful to be able to remember her in this way, every single day. :)
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Jenn Gray said...

im a HUGE harper fan <3