Monday, August 20, 2012

Granny Kate's Cupboard: BEFORE

This was my Granny Kate's cupboard, two years ago.  I had swiped it out of my sister Patti's garage.  (She had rescued it from Grandma's when her house was sold.) 

Boy, was it beat up!  It always sat in the corner of Granny's kitchen, with her "best" dishes on it, some of her coffee cups were even displayed on little screw-in hooks! 

She had it rigged to the wall with a spring, so it wouldn't fall over. 

There were layers of paint, and even varnish.  Lots of cracks, and broken parts.  But I have always loved this cupboard, it was worth rescuing!

Lots of sanding, sanding sanding!  And wood putty.  And a good disinfecting!  With distilled white vinegar.

This began in the Summer of 2010....

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Nikki said...

I love special family pieces like this. Great save!!!