Friday, February 1, 2008

Take Down!

Last night Cannon and I went to see my nephew Johnny wrestle. Have you ever seen REAL wrestling before? It is intense!!! I had to remind myself to breathe!! I also had to remind myself that I am almost 32 and these are barely legal BOYS!!(creepy!) Man, the muscles! Woooo! I am scared of my nephew! He is so quick and strong! (he's in the red shoes)
There is a girl on their wrestling team, I would almost join too just to get in shape! John didn't win his match, but he sure did a great job. Cannon loves to watch him playing "take down"!
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Jenifer said...

Something is wrong with me! I keep leaving comments, and they don't show up! Anyway, I love Cannon. I bet he was so enthralled watching the wresting. Do the girls have to wear the singlet too?

Piper said...

yes, they do! She gets to wear a t-shirt under it though.

Lissa said...

What a great Aunt you are to go and support him. I am sure Cannon was in heaven watching all of the "take down" :)