Friday, March 7, 2008

Are you ready to PEEP your pants?

This is my latest craft mania. I found these cute old fashioned chicks at World Market and I crocheted some little hats for them. Then I crocheted little flowers for the hats. Then I started making some of them jewelry. Then I found some doll house accesories and put them all in scenes!! I love them! They are so cute! I feel happy when I look at them. It also made me happy to share some. I gave some to Greg's mom, my mom, and Greg's aunt. Old-fashioned AND miniature, does it get any better?
Happy Spring!!

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Jenifer said...

How cute are you? Those are too precious. Glad to see you are back!

Nikki said...

Piper, no way! Hats and jewelery huh. You have a ton of time on your hands sister.
That was a Lundberg. Two of them are my neighbors. And we hang out all the time. What are the odds?
And sadly yes my toes are longer. One of Eric's guys from work calls me Finger Toes. And the nurse that helped deliver Liv asked if I can hang from trees with my toes. They can't go unseen! LOL!

Piper said...

I don't really have a ton of time, I just have insomnia!!

Erica said...

Hi Piper :o) Glad to hear Cannon's feeling better! And I LOVE those little chickies...your creativity knows no bounds!

melissa deakin said...

These are fabulous!
I love the hats you made and I love that you put them into settings.
I bet they are fun to stare it.
They just make you happy!
Wonderful work!
Enjoy your weekend!

Lindsay said...

Those are fun. I'm so impressed you made the hats. You seem like you are very crafty and can do a bit of everything. I admire that!

angie said...

okay those have to be the cutest things ever!