Friday, March 21, 2008

MMmmm... gumballs

I let Cannon have gumballs, one of his favorite treats, because he always spits it in the garbage when he's done.
He got a big gumball machine from my mom when he got his tonsils out...... is it getting out of hand? Today when I got out his train for him, there were gumballs in all the little cars.... and now this tonight!! Dang! He gets his big mouth from me. The upside is that he always shares... I'm smacking on one now as I write this!!
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Jenifer said...

As long as he doesn't leave chewed up wads all over, like my kids do. I hate finding them in the fridge and on the counter. Wish I was kidding. I banished it from our house for about 6 months.

Crazymamaof6 said...

fun! yeah my kids go to sleep with it and end up with gum in their hair. which is rad. and i enjoy a gumball now and then too.

Anonymous said...
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