Friday, March 7, 2008

Piper's tonsil story.... (more gross pics!)

I feel the urge to share. This is why we had the Dr. take pictures of Cannon's tonsils, because I had some of mine!! EEEEWWW!! Greg feels left out, no pics of his tonsils!
I was 8. I had had the croup a million times, so I was scheduled to have my tonsils out. My surgery was just before Halloween, so my mom let me have a Halloween party to make up for the fact that I'd get jipped on trick-or-treating. She made me a Pink Panther costume. I thought I was so cool! (Hey Amber and Koli, that little witch with the green face is Haley Laughter!)
I wanted to take my tonsils to school in a jar for show and tell. What a nerd! Of course the Dr. said NO, but he surprised me with some cool polaroids instead. They gave me cherry flavored gas, and I was VERY sick sick sick afterwards. To this day I cannot stand cherry flavored anything. I got jipped, I was too sick for ice cream. All I got was a visit to the ER and a yummy IV!!! I'm glad it wasn't that bad for Cannon! I'm glad he's finally starting to feel a bit better, and sleep in his own bed!
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Crazymamaof6 said...

OK LUCKY! i wantecd to see my tonsils, i've told you before. AND i didn't get to. or my canceroud thyroid but i do have pics of my not cancerous part. in and out of my neck. they are very cool. and i have pictures of my c-section too. best parting gift ever. i love that kind of stuff. apparently.
glad he is feeling better. and cute costume party!

Amber Feller said...

HA! I sat there trying to figure everyone out in that pic! I knew I at least had Haley right! :)
All I have to say is those pics are NASTY!