Sunday, March 14, 2010

Harper's First Haircut!

I think it's pretty bad when a little one-year-old can pull off the "Dog The Bounty Hunter" look,

And, the Carol Brady. Check out that mullett! A whispy one, no less! Yuck. Pretty bad, especially when your mom's a hairdresser.

Luckily, my kids are used to the "salon", so they are good about getting their hair cut.

And the result: much, much better! Funny how shorter hair can make you look more like a girl, and how a little bit of a trim can go such a long way!
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Stacy said...

What a beauty! Great work, Piper!
Love you!

Jenifer said... cute! Can't believe she is old enough to need hair cuts!
BTW: I've been holding out until I came home to get mine cut, but I snapped today and went and had it done. Felt like a traitor.
We still haven't heard anything....I'm going to start drinking if this continues.

Erica said...

She looks adorable! I would so scrapbook her mullet strands. ;o) Priceless!!

Nicole said...

What a cutie! The first hair cut is always so fun - especially for you! You always do an amazing job! Love you :D

Greg & Cannon Wise said...

But she has more teeth than "Dog".