Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Squares...

Some of you may know about the current stich-a-long project with Amy from Inspire Co.

Every one's supposed to stitch a little square every day for 39 days.

Well, I had started this about a year ago, when she was doing a different sampler. Man, it is so fun, and very theraputic. It's become a doodle with embroidery thread as well as a bit of a journal. Kind of like a year of my life.
I've got swatches of fabric that I used to make my baby her quilts. I have a breast cancer pin. Originally for my mom ( A SURVIVOR), but now for Aunt Liz too.
I have mostly flowers, because they're my favorite.
I have a seashell and the ocean becase that's where I was, out of town, last year when my dad passed away. I have a sun because I call my son, "Sunny Bunny", and a cupcake for "Baby Cakes" Harper.
I also included some buttons that were my mom's and her mom's and her mom's.....
A duck for my friend Lori who passed away 9 years ago.
Every thing on here means something. I love it. I have one square left, I started with some candles, but now I'm not so sure.... we'll see if that one gets ripped out and started over.

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Jenifer said...

Oh Piper, it is so gorgeous! And even prettier when you hear the meaning behind everything on it. You are so talented! Love you!

Nicole said...

What a neat idea! So cute and love all the meanings behind each square!

Erica said...

It shouldn't surprise me that your stitching moved me to tears. It's beautiful.

I. LOVE. IT. :o)

Stacy said...

I love it!! You're the only one with enough patience to do that. Just like great-grandma Jensen! I love you!

Megan said...

So amazing. I think we need to spend more time together so your creativity and skills can rub off on me. Love you!