Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walkin' and Talkin' (kind of)

ANNNNDDDDDD she's offf!! (not the same way her mother is off ! ) Little missy is walking all around! She is definitely walking more than crawling!

And, she says "Da Da" "Wa Wa"(for grandma) And "Bob" (the builder) she sees him and shouts "Bob! Bob!"

But did you see a word missing? MOM, MAMA, MOMMY, I get nothin'!

Little stinker!
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Stacy said...

I love the look of concentration on her face. Can't wait to come and visit you soon. She's a doll. Her eyes are looking more and more brown:)

Nikki said...

Ahhh!!! Little Harper! How sweet is she?!! I love that she is up and walking. Even though she is not saying momma yet, we all know that mommies are babies favorites.

Erica said...

Oooh, she's cute!! What a huge milestone for her! And I love that sweet hairbow she's that a bottlecap in the middle of it? Love it!!

Nicole said...

Awww........I can't believe she is walking and talking that much! Cutie!

Jadie Jaden Jack said...

Way to go Harper!!! Piper she is an absolute doll, just like her Mama!

Love ya TONZ,