Monday, March 29, 2010

Nesting Swap - Jill

OOOHHH! Imagine my delight at the mailbox today! I got my package from Jill! First of all, I LOVE it when I see my name on things. Never happens. I can't just go on vacation and find my name on a keychain or coffee mug somewhere. Love my name in glitter! (and my son had a good old time with the bubble wrap!)

Look at the cute wreath she made! It's already hanging on the wall.

Ah, just look inside! So many fun things! CUTE swatch of fabric, lots of birds that I can't wait to mod-podge onto something.... flowers, BUTTONS, and a teeny tiny basket! Wow, she really "got" me!

My very favorite was this wonderful old crocheted trim. Perfect colors, and it may just end up as a bracelet if I can rig it. Thank you Jill! And thanks Heather at the Speckled Egg for hosting and organizing!!
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Erica said...

I love it!! I had to click on the picture of the inside of the matchbox with all of the goodies just so I could oogle it close up! ;o) I can't wait to see what you do with it all! How fun!!