Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, My Son....

So, I think people in general are for the most part weird. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the worse.
And kids are weird too, right? It is so weird to be a parent and think, "What in the world is my child doing?" But, at the same time thinking how strange the things you used to do seemed to your own parents.

Enter: Cannon. He is very inventive. He is very patient. He is very smart. Also, very good at stalling at bedtime. Here's what we got the other night: "Mom! Dad! I made a lawn mower out of tinker toys!"
"That's great son, can you please go back to your room? It's bedtime."

"No! I want you to take a picture! I had to keep re-doing it so the handles were long enough and I didn't have to bend over!"

Ok. So we got the camera. I pointed it. And he came up with this pose???? Getting your Captain on or what?

Then, we got a picture of the lawn mower in action.

Then, I got a picture of his cute face. See that dot? Do you think someone's got a sight on him? Do you think he's moving to India? NO.
There was a suction cup in the back seat that had fallen off a window shade.
"Cannon, give that to me. Cannon, get it off your face! CANNON STOP!!! THAT WILL LEAVE A MARK!!!!"

Then I hear: "MOM! It's stuck!"
Ya. Don't listen son, because I'm NEVER telling you the truth!!!! This happened Sunday, and today, Thursday, it's still blazing strong.
I've been trying all of the "hickey tricks" from High School: toothpaste, a penny, a cold spoon..... nothin'. They never worked back in the day either!!!

I'm sure this is not the last time I will shake my head and laugh at this boy!
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Nicole said...

I am laughing so hard right now! I love this post! I really love the "captain morgan" pose and the suction cup forehead!!

Gary said...

Hey, he got it centered really well ! What is the problem ?

Mandi said...

Look he's already getting hickies! We should get our kiddos together to play. They are really close to the same ages.

Kimmy said...

More evidence that he is a Wise...he made a lawnmower!!

Erica said...

Oh my Cannon!!! I love it!! What a boy. Isn't it funny how we tell our kids not to do something and they (always!) do it anyway? I'm glad you got a picture with his giant circle hickey on his forehead...that's a keeper for the wedding video, for sure! ;o)

Mama T. said...

Ya Gotta Love Him!