Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rad Grad

Today marked the official end of preschool for Cannon!

They had a program, complete with speaking parts and songs. SO cute! I love every second of it! All the cute little kids, dressed up so nice, and so nervous!

I always cry during the pledge and the "America" song. What a nerd.

I made Cannon wear a real tie. He was mad, he wanted to wear a clip on. What EVER. I talked him into it though, because I told him he could wear one of Grandpa Johnny Mack's tie tacks, and those only work with real ties. ;)

I'm not sure about the face he's making, but here's his cute teacher. We will surely miss her! She is so wonderful with all the children. They have so much fun and learn so much!

We also got a picture of Cannon and a couple of his friends. (this is the girl he likes!!! he says he wants to "try to marry her" when he grows up!) So cute! I guess she fell off her bike this morning and scraped her nose off, but I think she's cute anyway!

Way to go Cannon Boy! Next stop, KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!

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Erica said...

Congrats to Cannon! I love the real tie...my boys have yet to hit that milestone! He looks SO grown up - he surely impressed his sweet little girlfriend looking so dapper ;o)

Jenifer said...

No more pre-school...sob sob ;)
Way to go Cannon! And Klowie or however you spell it is pretty cute! He has great taste.
I always cry during the pledge to. Glad I'm not the only one.

(You can still see his forehead hickey! hahaha!)

Mandi said...

Is it not crazy how fast they grow up?

Kimmy said...

Seriously, he looks so adorably handsome in that shirt and tie! Congratulations, Cannon! I can't believe it's Kindergarten next year.

Ben Jadie Jaden Jack Jensen said...

Yippee Cannon! I love the pictures and his lil' girlfriend is darling!
AHHHHH.... KINDERGARTEN for Jack this year too!!!

Love & Miss ya,

Nicole said...

Congratulations Cannon! Kindergarten is going to be so much fun for him! He looks so dang adorable in his shirt and tie. Cute little girlfriend too!

Mama T. said...

Congratulations, Cannon!

Vic and Al said...

He is the cutest little thing in his shirt and tie!!!! What a handsome little man. Next thing you know he will be graduating from high school. . . I hate how time flies by!